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World Poetry Day


World Poetry Day is a time to appreciate and support poets and poetry around the world. It is held on March 21 each year and is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Ramayana, is the Adikavya, i.e., the first poem. It does not mean that there was no poetry before, but that it is the first work of poetry that depicts all the topics and characteristics expected of a great work of art. It may even be said that it was the Ramayana that set the standard for a great poem.

He is the author of the epic Rāmāyaṇa,

Esoteric Guides.


A restricted frame of reference could gives us a false picture of the truth or as George Soros writes in The New Paradigm for Financial Markets — The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means, “People’s understanding is inherently imperfect because they are a part of reality and a part cannot fully comprehend the whole.”

Lets see it with an example of space clearing or space healing sciences. I am unable to remember the exact quote but some time back I had read in a book that when an esoteric guide comes in to a room his view should extend and encompass the space beyond the four walls of the room, till the placement of the room in the whole universe is established. His vision should go beyond the enclosure , to the adjoining rooms of the house and the exterior of the house, in to the road outside to see the arrangement of the whole house and its relation to other buildings, and keep going on and on till it covers the city, state, nation, world and reaches the universe, linking all the articles in that room, and inhabitants to their significance in the grand design of creation, inferring their value and spiritual relevance.

That would be some task considering the simplicity of the  Indian system of Vastu which is concerned with the five elements that includes space and four directions , giving very specific laws and principles that define healthy and peaceful living in harmony with nature. Even the Chinese system of feng-shui that considers life force (Qi), Polarity and the four directions as their corollary have very upright and simple principles to be followed and have proved more fruitful in selling metaphysical products and designing interiors.

As with all sciences that are not excat, the results are not always consistently successful.The inability to attain favourable results, every time by using the same principles, and provide a permanent solution to the problems that may be arising due to geopathic stress or faulty spacial vibrations, could be  due to

a) a diagnoses that tries to perceive  the origin of the problem in physical objects, in the gross material world, which is external to the nature of man, could make an impaired judgement, as to the cause of sorrow or misery, since matter is nothing but energy flowing from consciousness, which is what we humans are made of. We are made up of Sat-Chit-Ananda, which means Pure Truth, Pure Consciousness and Pure Bliss according to vedanta.

b) Looking at the place solely as inactive land , which is an incomplete view, since any land takes up the properties of the landlord, this is because consciousness, a fundamental property of humans flows down from a higher (man) point to a lower point (objects), transferring to the insentient object , land in this case, the same characteristics and properties influencing the behavior of the land, similar to its original from which it is derived , in this case the landlord.

c) the fundamental tenets of divinatory science that do not acknowledge that man as a spiritual being with innate powers capable of changing his destiny, thus not considering it as a variable. Sciences that retain a belief in the materialistic view that possessions are more important than the character, give rise to rules, which are inflexible, set in stone principles dis-considering this power of change.

d) a low spiritual evolution of the guide and a lack of spiritual knowledge into the working of the universe. According to Vedanta, the external universe is a projection with humans acting as projectors. What we see around is the data in picture not the code or the software that projects the picture. Hence all external stimulus can be used only as the measureable data , that only provides information. Changing the external objects does not change the data, it is only data fabrication not a correction of the process.

e) what we call as playing to the gallery, since the guides have a public to please and critics to appease, besides taking care about pet opinions and pleasing prejudices as they are evaluating the personal property of their client who is paying their fees making the whole exercise counter-productive, as the fault may invariably be with customer and within his mind.

The guides competence cannot be doubted since their knowledge is obtained by reading about a subject and memorising the principles. 

In-depth and Intuitive understanding of reality along with experiences of the inner and outer world that go beyond the obvious meanings in to a spiritual realm has to be in abundance in the guide to understand and visualise the flow of chi or energy which is cosmic in nature and which can be moderated to achieve peace and happiness.

From the reasons  given above, we can infer that neither the science nor the tools can be blamed for the ineffective solutions but we can see that man influences the reality around by his actions and character. By not giving importance to this divine component of man ( divine because he is the creator ) we are covering the truth rather than exposing it. An incomplete or faulty diagnosis that does not consider man or his mind, could block an eager and sensitive person from achieving harmony and the correction or solution could be temporary and ineffective, or may even be harmful.

But does getting information through astrology or activating luck by changing energy at homes really help us in alleviating our suffering ? Do these tools help in bringing happiness ? Why does harmony and peace elude us? Why does our mind, which is responsible for pain and pleasure not respond to numerology, astrology, or any other mystical or divinatory science ?  Is the remedy within us ?

When we look in to the external world for succor or solution and depend on others to untangle life, we become miserable. Giving more importance to things and tools or placing the non-self before the self  makes us delusional bringing disharmony.

This is the truth behind reality. Is reality true or is it just a perception of individuals? Science and Vedanta both through different methods, agree that reality is a perception. This perception is subjective.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

Vedanta through observing internal nature and Science by observing external nature have concluded that reality is an illusion, an illusion bordering on deception, where an element (Maya in vedantic literature hides reality and projects an illusion). The responsibility of this perception lies with the Self or the individual himself, here even science believes that reality is non-existent unless the observer perceives it.

This shows that the self is at the centre of reality (the focal point of creation is the collective self ) and the misery that we are suffering is of our own doing, and will have to be undone by us alone. That which we created, only we can demolish; that which is created by someone else, we shall never be able to destroy.

If  we create something in our own mind (reality) then how is it possible to enhance(positive energies etc) or subdue(sorrows etc) it, through the help of external tools. Does it not imply that the tools (crystals, numerology, tarot, astrology etc) will be incompetent since they would be just extensions of our own consciousness.

What is required is an understanding that we are the masters of our own reality and our own destiny.

A similar case for astrologers could also be instituted since their written rules are too general to work subjectively. Though the position of the stars are different for every individual but their interpretation and significance is commonly dictated to its votaries completely ignoring that a persons will could change the influence of the planets.


Vibrational Therapy


At the confluence of our Internal Nature ( Mind + Body ), and the External Nature ( everything else ) is a system that connects the two Natures. This invisible system allows the bi-directional flow of vibrancy , or energy which is exchanged to benefit each other. ( When we are alive we are benefitted more, when we die , external nature benefits by decomposition of the elements ). This  intermediate system is called a Vibrational System and  is composed of forces that shape our living by providing the impetus to feel, think and act.

This system has forces which vibrate at dynamic frequencies and provide balance to the neuro-endocrine system ( Sukshma-Sharira or the subtle body ) which is responsible for our overall well being.


When this channels frequency falls below a certain range troubles start. Since our body is not in a single dimension but according to vedic cosmogony we are multi dimensional the agitation is on many levels from the highest spiritual to the lowest sensual. The lowest level of 62 MHz ( our bodies generate electromagnetic fields that is how we check the EKG and all electromagnetic fields are measured in MHz) is the limit below which we loose the state of balance ( homeostasis) .


What are the elements that bring our vibrational frequency below the healthy level ? How can the level be regained or increased to get the maximum benefit of a blooming vibration ?


where E is the Vibrational Energy or Bio-Energy or the Spiritual Energy, M is the state of the mind and C is a constant for Consciousness which every living being is endowed with. Our vibrational Energy depends on the state of our mind. Our thoughts , our emotions constitute the major faculties of the mind. In fact everything we perceive is through our mind only. Since we are all endowed with an individual mind the frequencies that vibrate around us are never alike for two individuals. We all have a unique frequency and hence vibrational therapy cannot be the same for two individuals.


By changing the state of the mind we can increase our vibrational energy. For this much support is provided by those instruments which can change the state of the mind and hence boost the frequency. These instruments are called yantras, meaning machines or ” any instrument for holding , restraining or fastening” derieved from the root sanskrit word ” Yam ” meaning to Control or Subdue or Restrain or Curb or Check.


From numbers to crystals to essential oils and symbols man has used  a large variety of yantras to bring the mind to a state where the frequency of the vibrational field around is favourable for spiritual and sensual aims.


Depression, Suicide, Medication and Meditation


Generally people with happy temperaments exhibit a high ratio of activity in the left prefrontal cortex, an area associated with happiness, joy and enthusiasm. Those who are prone to anxiety, fear and depression exhibit a higher ratio of activity in the right prefrontal cortex. Uncontrolled emotions and desires combined with a view of the world where only the parts are observed , and not the complete picture. creates a stressful environment generating unhealthy thoughts . These thoughts are responsible in bringing our brain to a state where it is influenced to develop a depressive and gloomy outlook. Let us look at the different types of distorted thoughts.


  • Unrealistic negative thoughts about the situation.You see the situation in an overly pessimistic way, emphasizing its negative or threatening aspects and ignoring more positive or promising aspects.
  • Unfair negative thoughts about yourself.You think about yourself in a very critical way, judging yourself in a harsh and unfair manner.
  • Unrealistic negative thoughts about the future.You anticipate a future that is bleak and disappointing, overestimating the likelihood of very negative outcomes.

Taken together, we call this the Negative Triad: thinking in an unfair and unrealistic negative way about your current situation, yourself, and your future.

These overwhelming thoughts become reinforced with time and if a quick antidote is not given to the mind which is the originator of such  thoughts, it leads to taking the extreme step of suicide.

How can the mind be made to think healthy and robust thoughts. How does the mind fall prey to such diseased thinking ? It is interesting to know how the mind can be controlled to do our bidding ?

Arjuna, the great warrior prince, is claimed to have told Arjuna, that it is easier to catch hold of the moving wind, than to control the restless mind. Everytime we use our mind to control it, we encounter a stiff resistance because the nature of mind is described best by Swami Vivekananda thus ”  Well has it been compared to the maddened monkey. There was a monkey, restless by his own nature, as all monkeys are. As if that were not enough someone made him drink freely of wine, so that he became more restless. Then a scorpion stung him. When a man is stung by a scorpion, he jumps about for a whole day; so the poor monkey found his condition worse than ever. To complete his misery a demon entered into him. What language can describe the uncontrollable restlessness of that monkey? The human mind is like that monkey, incessantly active by its own nature; then it becomes drunk with the wine of desire, thus increasing its turbulance. After desire takes possession comes the sting of the scorpion of jealousy at the success of others, and last of all the demon of pride enters the mind, making it think itself of all importance. How hard to control such a mind!

If the cause of negativity in behavior ( thoughts, actions, emotions) is the mind, then the mind needs to be controlled and made steady, so that we may enjoy happiness, joy and enthusiasm. But can medication control a subtle substance like the mind? Is it just some chemical imbalance that brings it to the scope of psychological treatment or is it more than that. A number of studies have shown that people with depression often have unusual levels of a variety of neurotransmitters in certain parts of the brain. Based on these findings, some people (e.g., drug companies) have concluded that lower levels of particular chemicals in the brain “cause” depression. This conclusion is based on an error in logic. Correlation does not mean causation. It also ignores the heaps of research showing that depression is associated with people’s behavior, with their thinking patterns, and with their history. Depression is at least as correlated with these things as it is with brain chemicals. In terms of brain chemicals, the only conclusive thing we can say is that depression is associated with lower levels of certain chemicals in the brain, not that depression is “caused by” by the levels of those chemicals. Since there is a basic flaw in the understanding of the cause by medicine, and there are no labortory tests available that indicate the amount of neurotransmitters like serotonin the results of treating a patient with anti-depressents have been far from satisfactory. Please read the article in newsweek, where the author notes that anti-depressents are no better than placebos and calls them expensive tic-tacs.

Sometimes a patient only wants attention. All the pranks that it does are for gaining some emotional support. That craving can lead to unnessecary medication. Another problem with this idea is that it is disempowering to the individual dealing with the problem, as it can lead to a person believing that there is nothing they can do to deal with their depression beyond taking a pill.

If medications are ineffective then what is the remedy that can counteract depressive and negative thoughts.

Lord Krishna replies to Arjuns query, that the mind could be controlled and made steady through regular practice ( abhyasa ) and detachment ( vairagya).  According to behavioral theory of depression, first proposed by Ferster in 1973, it is our reaction to depressive and negative thoughts that is responsible for depression. Every negativity is to be counteracted by a positive activity. Every negative thought needs to be counterattacked with a positive thought. Meditation has been found by Richard Davidson , a cognitive scientist, and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to show a pronounced shift in activity towards the left ” happier” prefrontal cortex area of the brain.

Is Meditation a better option than Medication? Yes, because it empowers the person in to dealing with his problem first-hand, giving him the confidence that the solution is within him and not in a pill, prescribed by a doctor eager to sell his brothers (drug companies) produce.

What is Meditation?

The universe is a manifestation of power in the form of energy and matter. The energy form of power is called thought, and the matter form is the physical world. The power which is thought flows through the channel called mind. Trying to understand the mind,controlling it, and learning the secrets of inner and outer nature is called meditation.

Steadying and fixing a  mind used to continuous wandering is a difficult but not an impossible process if certain prepartions are done on a daily basis. These prepartions involve changing our behaviour to do two basic things.

a) controlling our desires and not succumbing to every demand of the mind, which wants everything it sees

b) developing a detached outlook on life, by not taking any event, any interaction personally but just simply observing nature unfold its glory, similar to watching a movie in which the situations do not affect us since we are only observing.

These two prepartions are the same as given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. If these actions become your second nature, then everything you do will be meditation. You need not find a quiet place, a suitable time, or concentrate hard on steadying the mind to concentrate on a single absolute.

Among the many benefits of meditation, you will be able to see the play of energy and inner joy will flow within you.


India – A Land of Oppurtunity in the Stock Markets



The universe runs on one principle, Change. Whatever exsists will undego change and re-invent itself with time manifesting a different aspect of its basic function. This principle is the foundation of life.


Sindhis can claim the title of the founders of the aryan race. As original inhabitants of the Sindhu Valley they have been in exsistence since the past 7000 years or so. This is the period when trade and commerce were initiated in social life.5000 years back , Aryans started forming Societies around the world. These small pockets of habitations believed that inanimate objects are the same as living like plants animals and humans and totally capable of reproducing itself. This is the core teaching of vedanta. Hence if ” food money ”  or ” monetary token ” of any kind was given , then it was legitimate to charge interest. The rate of interest charged was 10-25 percent for silver and 20-35 percent for cereals. This was 5000 years back.  Then around 4500 to 4000 years back the Sumerians fixed the rate of interest at 20 percent.


The word banking comes from two sanskrit words byaya or expense and onka meaning calculation. The sindhi word byaj or interest is also similar to the original sanskrit word expense. The Jews who are considered as bankers to the world have a history that can be traced to pre-christ times when they used to carry out the trade of money-lending at the temple of Solomon, built 1005 years before christ. The jews and sindhis share many common characteristics the two major being trading and diaspora. Some years back a proffesor in Allahabad University had even found that Sindhis and Jews share a very common gene pool too.


The reason for tracing back all this information is to illuminate the readers that banking like the aryan race is very ancient and has been a part of our culture since thousands of years. Sindhis especially are known to lend money to traders who used to  buy and sell goods on the china-persia route that passed through sindh.


Today banking is institutionalised. Small time sindhi businessmen who were private bankers to many people who could not get complete the rigid formalities and the strict systems of rules of the these banks have found it difficult to realise the interest with many people defaulting. But there is still a way to be involved in this wonderful process which benefits both the debtor and the lender. The debtor benefits by utilising the funds to generate more money and thereby finding a way to become an uncommon man  from a common man.  People who have changed their status from impoverished to wealthy have all realised that success comes when you borrow responsibly and turn the debt in to an asset. When I was a small time stockbroker at the Bangalore Stock Exchange in 1997-1998, a retired Bank of India branch manager used to have coffee with me every day on the terrace of our stock exchange building near unity towers on J.C.Road. This everyday meeting between a person who had seen and experienced commerce day in and day out and an amateur who was just learning how not to get caught in a frenzy and keep away from the fiction of the stock markets taught me some of the greatest lessons in economics commerce and psychology. My tutors contention was that todays debt is tommorrows asset if carefully planned.Imagine buying a house with debt. Inflation assures that money losses value over a period of time ( Flats in Bombay 35 years back were available for 25,000 in a very good area of khar ). Now imagine putting the same money in your bank at 15.5% interest, the yield over 35 years will be around 16 lacs ( simple interest and not compound) , but the same amount invested in a house would be worth at least 5 to 7 times the amount gained by putting in the bank. An asset whether it be Land Machines or Shares would be worth more than the value of money invested wheras the actual value of money and its worth falls.


An efficient and intelligent debtor and a banker are the nessecary requisites for a growing economy. Sindhis have known this from pre-historic times and have graciously lent money fuelling growth and thrusting people from insolvency to affluence.


This article is incomplete if I dont mention the new opportunities available in Banking. This will be taken up in my next part when I continue this note. I will also be doing a dis-service to my nation if I dont mention that Gold Silver and Jewellery are dead investments and do not benefit a country nor the people.


My Last post was incomplete. My intentions in the last post was two fold , 1) To introduce the concept that banking was as ancient ( if not more ) than the vedic period, by establishing this theory I will be able to sanction my next postulate which will be that not only is banking and charging interest nessecary , it is also moral if done honourably. 2) The second point I wanted to make was that with lesser opportunities for private bankers a new thought and a fresh approach is required to continue in this industry. For people who may question why do we need to continue the answer lies in the fact that a business over many years developes an insight to throw out the inconsistencies and pitfalls. The business matures and goes into auto-correct mode. After years and years of growth the business becomes immune to the changes in the economic environment.


In this note I shall take some tips from an article which appeared in DNA on 20th October under the title ” The agenda behind the anti-corruption agenda” written by G.Sampath a writer whose ideas fall very close to my thoughts. The article quotes eminent economist Prabhat Patnaiks theory that ” by repeatedly associating state initiatives and programmes with corruption, you make a strong case for the handing over of public assets held in trust by the state ( such as PSU’s) in to private hands.”  The common man is now burdened monetarily by paying much more for the services which were first rendered by the state at a nominal cost. By corrupting our minds and making the difference between nessecities and luxuries thin through the use of advertising corporations and industry are playing both sides of the game where the looser is the common man. On one hand they try and make everything costlier on the other hand they create an impression where everything is needed. In such a situation people and families spend their money before earning it.

By taking loans and not spending it on making assets people fall in to the debt trap which sucks out the life of any family. In fact the german word for debt is schuld means debt and guilt.


Everything that happens to us or is likely to happen should be taken in the correct spirit and just as as the captain of the boat never blames the storm but takes corrective and antidotal steps to counteract the storm so should we as captains of our family who are dependent on us for their existence and expense.


Looking at the whole picture with an intutive eye and observing the trends carefully is it not a good time to invest in shares of PSU banks ?

Not only are they available at below market rates and pay yearly dividend but they may be the first businesses that herald the age of compulsive spending where private moneylenders give you money to purchase the goods manufactured by themselves at a price where paying for the interest is possible only by taking more loans.


Public Utilities and Public Sector Undertakings will be a thing of the past. We are observing that cheap goods and cheap products and services are no longer available. Future will be still hard and may be we all shall need some help or financing to carry on living a decent lifestyle. By taking co-ownership in banks and becoming the shareholders , we may be able to endure the blow which is aimed directly on our children.



For a realtionship to grow , it needs to be given daily dosages of bestowments. An easier word would be sacrifice , but sacrifice is a misunderstood word because it implies giving something up for something that we want to receive which is better or higher. A bestowment is gifting without expecting anything in return but you give because you love to give and you honour the person. It is to provide a person with an oppurtunity to experience love without giving back a opinion or acknowledging gratitude or even feel indebted for receiving the gift.


In marriages this act of bestowing takes centrestage or becomes the focal point for determining its success. When a boy or a girl  of marriageable age learns to give his time, his love, his affection and his actions to benefit others without pausing to think of what he or she is going to get back in return then it means they are ready to take on the responsibilities of the amalgmation of two souls.


Every relationship that fails has only two significant reasons if we carefully identify and group them. Understanding and Selfishness.


Our basic emotions are fear and greed. When we are fearful our understanding touches the bottom of human capacity and when we are greedy our selfishness is profound. When parents interfere in the process of selecting a match they are fearful since they are concerned about their child. Our Universe is a mirror reflecting our emotions, it presents us with a match that has no understanding, remember I told you fear=understanding goes down.

When our parents are greedy the universe presents us with a match that is selfish. A similar story presents itself when a boy and girl who are greedy and fearful set out to search for a match. When such a alliance is formed the child born is undisciplined and contaminates the society making it into pit where first the parents and then the its friends are roasted making it a place of eternal hell and condemnation.

A Probable Future


Knowing the future is useful and exciting. We can only see a part of the future as most of the variables that define future are in a state of flux and are subjectively exclusive. This means that though the patterns in future will be same for everyone their influence can be benign or malignant depending on our position and understanding in the present.

I shall consider the trends or patterns in only two spheres of life, Spiritual and Economical. Changes at the spiritual level effect the economic status of the society is my belief. Arnold J. Toynbee, whose twelve volumme book ” A study of History ”   traces the decline of civilisation concludes that excessive interest in political and economic issues was responsible for deterioration of human life.

Spirituality follows the path of encompassing everything within itself. We may be believers or atheists, dualists or monotheist but spirituality does not consider it as distinctions and follows a path which hems in all faiths and all beliefs. It is concerned with morality only and if an atheist selflessly acts without expectations of a reward , he is spiritual and more closer to the ultimate power than a ritualistic person whose actions are selfish but believes in God.

The next few years will see people becoming truly spiritual  rather than expressing their religion by rituals and the outward display of their faith. They will start believing in morality as the only path towards truth.  This shift has already started and people have found that religion without being spiritual inwardly has only confused and caused mental pain. This realisation will establish itself firmly as people look within to connect with the outside.

The fallout of such a movement will be that a lot of spiritual shops could go out of business. Commercial establishments that promise nirvana and take advantage of seekers by showing them a path that exploits their emotions leading them to grief and disbelief may find no takers.

Rituals make people superstitious and generate fear in many. Since the journey of mankind is from fear to fearlessness and lower truth to higher truth, it is natural that people choose those ideals which give them more freedom.  In every age after  following a certain way humanity changes its direction by charting a new course.

Historians and sociologists give many reasons for this shift in human behaviour, which define their life by embracing a new practicality. But the truth is that we are following a trajectory set in motion by our need to manifest the qualities of the God we worship and in the process make the finite experiences enduring and endless.

A collateral development would be that our perspective would turn from the physical to the psychical. The concept that action is a consequence of thought and thought is generated by the mind which is a non physical entity is slowly gaining strenght. In medicine and evolution,  our psyche has been found to actively change our viewpoints and even create a new reality from the exsisting objective world. The power of positive thinking and using our mind to gain a creative advantage over our hardships will get a new stamina once our consciousness leaves the plane of  physical rituals of action to non physical and spiritual levels. By shifting the ballast from Kinetic to passive activity we may also inherit a new field of vision which will allow us the see an hitherto hidden dimension. It may also happen that we may gain more physical energy in the process , since the source of vital energy is  our spiritual body. It is believed that when we pay more attention to the physical aspects of life and rituals are a part of physical religion , we are disconnected from the spirit which is the source of all fortitude. It is no surprise for most of us to see that immorality manifests more at religious places and inhuman acts are committed more by religious people. Spiritual persons on the other hand believe that since all souls are one , harming or helping others is doing evil or good to oneself and in turn nature. Hence morality in spiritual people is firmly rooted.

Let us see how the above changes can effect the second most important aspect of our life, economy. Money has the tendency to course from one place to another. Money cannot stay long in one place. It needs to keep moving . It usually flows to a place from where it senses it will be able to have easy passage ahead. In simple words to a place where it is not hoarded but allowed to move freely. This is the reason why once countries of  affluence are now  in need and where there was poverty are now enjoying bountiful wealth.

So what does the future hold for the economy ? Countries which open up their money flow will be booming and those countries which devise strategies and means to control the flow of money will find being controlled by money in turn, and slowly squeezed by it ( money ) to release its movement in the process creating a void for the nation and its people.

Only by giving and distributing and spreading wealth can prosperity be assured for men and countries. But money has another tendency. It takes offense if it is used on vain show and exhibism or to damage and sabotage the goal of others. A country or a business that keeps the circulation of money and effectively reduces the disparity between the poor and the rich is likely to generate more wealth.

This is also a trend started by Warren Buffet whose frugal economic sense has caught the attention of many. By not spending on unnesscary things and being content with little inexpensive pleasures , we are not only reducing the inequality between the haves and have nots but also respecting money. The more we show our money to the people who do not have the basic needs of life, the more further we go from spirituality and the more we widen the gap between the two classes. Since Vedanta believes in the unity of exsistence, it is nessecary that we bring our underprivileged brothers first to a level where they are treated better than animals by spending on their health and education. Swami Vivekananda says “ So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor who, having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them.”

Actually once spirituality manifests in the real sense sometime in the future, we shall develop more self confidence and resist all exhorbitant expenses that we incur are to give us more belief and faith in ourselves. Rituals take away the belief from our spirit to an entity outside us.

The future of man points towards more freedom and less disparity on the outside and the inner man shall develop more resilence and faith in the working of this world which now because of our physical approach looks chaotic on the outside but will look organised and purposeful after going beyond the obvious .









Shielding Oneself


“He who is the Brahman of the Vedantins, Ishvara of the Naiyayikas, Purusha of the Sankhyas, cause  of the Mimamsakas, law  of the Buddhists, absolute zero  of the Atheists, and love infinite unto those that love, may [He] take us all under His merciful protection”: Udayanacharya — a great philosopher of the Nyaya or Dualistic school. And this is the Benediction pronounced at the very beginning of his wonderful book Kusumanjali  (A handful of flowers).

As a sapling tries to grow , a hedge is created around it so that it may be protected against animals. We are all saplings trying to grow unto God. For a warrior on the battlefield his uniform is also a shield. What is the shield that we have against the onslaught of crass comercialisation on one side and falling ethics on the other. In between these two enemies that halt spiritual development do we find wanting an armour.

Since both the adversaries are fighting the battle within us how does one vanquish the enemy ?  Luckily we are all provided with a sword of wisdom which if used alongwith a kavach (protective covering ) of  yoga ( not to be confused with asanas) can counteract any attack.

Spiritual energy cannot be obtained by talisman, amulets, charms, spells, rituals or any person. Spiritual energy comes from recognising that we are a spirit endowed with a body and our nature is spiritual not physical.



The more powerful and original a mind , the more it will incline towards the religion of Solitude…… Aldous Huxley.

Advancing Science leaves little scope for Solitude. The gadgets that are mobile finally end up stalling our inner progress.

Sartre was right in saying that people who feel lonely alone are in bad company.

Why is solitude important for our advancement ? Or why cannot there be no progress without Seclusion ?

Allah said in the Qur’an, in Surat al-Kahf (ayat 16), mentioning the story of the companions of the cave, they were ordered, “Betake yourself to the Cave: your Lord will shower His mercies on you and dispose of your affair towards comfort and ease.”

In the Quran it is mentioned that the prophet used the cave of Hira in Makkah to disconnect himself from everything and connect himself to God.

Swami Vivekananda believed that solitude brings out the power from within. ( In His conversation with Priya Nath Sinha )

In His lecture on Prathyahara and Dharana , Swami Vivekananda extols the benefits of staying alone without any companionship and without any distractions. In fact moderation by not working working or speaking more are recommended to be a Yogi.

Why should seclusion be preffered over excitement of watching a TV programme or Joining friends or spending time chatting on the net ?

Neither do I want to get closer to God , nor do I want to derieve any power from within nor is there any intention to become a Yogi. Then why do I need to shun excitement and enjoy seclusion ?

Besides developing Insomnia, an aggressive behaviour , even death are responsible for over excitement.,2933,583351,00.html.

In psychology today , psychologists Ester Buchholz says “ Now, more than ever, we need our solitude. Being alone gives us the power to regulate and adjust our lives. It can teach us fortitude and the ability to satisfy our own needs. A restorer of energy, the stillness of alone experiences provides us with much-needed rest. It brings forth our longing to explore, our curiosity about the unknown, our will to be an individual, our hopes for freedom. Alonetime is fuel for life. ”

Over connectivity is the root of all diseases in modern times. Our body is programmed to fight any disease , any virus with a little help from our mind. According to Swami Vivekananda, our mind can bring calmness and tone down the nervous excitement , which in turn will make our temperament better and our health better. Sound Health will be the first signs of a calm mind. Over agitated nerves due to excitement are responsible for a weak disposition resulting in a diseased body. A person whose needs are moderate and craves some time to himself enjoys abudance of energy and power from within, which makes him stronger and healthier.

Not only we enjoy a healthy body but our creativity due to solitude is also enhanced.

According to Buchholz, research has verified that talented and creative teens share one trait in common–they treasure solitude. This is not surprising, considering the time that solitude gives you to think about whatever interests you. Throughout history, creative geniuses have been known to seek out long periods of solitude. U.S. poet and activist Henry David Thoreau, for example, was renowned for the amount of time he spent alone.“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for contructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~Rollo May.

Health and Creativity are not the only benefits of Solitude. We are all growing plants and just as a plant which is growing needs protection till it becomes a tree , till the time we are able to discriminate the harmful from the nessecary keeping away excitement can only benefit us.



Particle Accelerator and the year 2012.


4th July 2012. God Particle Found at Geneva

20th July 2012. The Dark Knight Rises


The Rest of the Days in 2012 besides these two eventful days will not be inconsequential.

As mentioned earlier 2012 is a historic year for humanity.

Why do I feel so ? Because I am a firm believer of the Chaos Theory and the Butterfly effect.

The basic premise of this theory is that very small changes can act as a cause of very big transformations and events.

Vedanta believes that the universe is composed of Force and Matter as the two main building blocks .

Force or prana is the subtle part and acts on Akasha or matter Force is the stronger aspect just like Shakti is more powerful than Shiva.

A new particle creates vibrations that can change the course of this universe or accelerate it to a new dimension or a newer form, because though insignificant the power it carries is tremendous.

Similarly our thoughts though invisible and weightless can destroy our physical body to dust.


Now the effects of  July 2012 will be dificult to predict generally but the consequences will be different for different people. The only general prediction that can be done at this stage is that the consequences would follow choices faster.

We should only be afraid if we have not yet realised that by not accepting everything as they are we are making ourselves ready targets to be tossed about.

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